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The most advanced iPad POS iPad POS

The Most advanced iPad Restaurant POS System 

Combining the personality and style of an independent hip boutique software development house with the reliability, consistency and attentive service of a major business, Aireus is redefining the luxury and design-led lifestyle of the next generation in hospitality Point-Of-Sale technology. For us it begins with the recognition that our customers are seeking a balance between simplicity, features, style, substance and cost – in their own lives, and in the technology partner they choose. We strive to embody this balance with a strikingly modern approach to software design that is refreshing, powerful and flexible, with an emphasis on ease of use, attentive service and exceptional innovative features. The most advanced iPad restaurant POS system affordable, easy to use and full of innovative ideas. With zero license fees you only pay for what you need. We deliver a revolutionary POS system that helps your business grow by taking the IT out of the product and making it simple. Every package comes with premium hosting at, product updates and upgrades and premium 24 hour telephone and email support.

Gift Card iPad POSNo Hiddent Fees iPad POS

There are no hidden fees.Your monthly restaurant POS subscription keeps your business running on the most current technology at no additional cost to you.

Online Ordering iPad POSFree Updates iPad POS

We are always adding new and innovative features to your iPad POS system to help you run your business. All updates are done automatically and at no cost to you.

credit card iPad POSIs there a contract iPad POS

Nope.You can change your monthly subscription POS service or cancel at anytime, there are no contracts. We are always working hard to keep your business.

Kitchen Display iPad POSZero License Fee iPad POS

Everything is included, Our system includes everything from Gift card to Kitchen Display. There are no License fee’s just your monthly subscription on the modules you choose.

Delivery iPad POSUnlimited Support iPad POS

We’re here to help, our iPad POS system service and support is available by phone or email during the week from 10am-6pm Eastern Time and for critical issues 24/7.

Web Reporting iPad POSImplementation iPad POS

Your dedicated personal instructor will work with you to build your menu and configure your store the way you want while teaching you all you need to know.

Banner iPad POS61 iPad POS

Meet your customer in a whole new way iPad POS

Headquartered in Toronto Canada and funded by Canadian communications giant CaTech Systems, Aireus is for the modern customer who craves something simple to use, bold, sleek and innovative, who knows forward design and needs a tech-savvy solution that offers totally new and different experience. Our plan is simple, to  develop personal partnerships with our customers, improve our processes in the area of innovative software design and build better customer service offerings. Collectively our team have hundreds of years of experience in the hospitality field, giving us in-depth, real world knowledge of the systems and practices unique to the industry. At Aireus we strive to introduce innovation that extends to features you might not expect and not found in other iPad POS systems. By engineering and designing our work in concert with our customers, we bring a meaningful simplified powerful and feature rich experience to everyone that touches it. Our goal is to innovate and  build a brand new POS system that works out of the box. And just like the iPad it runs on, Our iPad POS application is also incredibly easy to use. No long learning curve. No complex staff training to worry about. Just launch the Aireus iPad POS app and go. Servers love the simplicity. Owners and management love what it does for sales. Our implementation services is a team-focused approach, together with the customer, our team works to understand and integrate the full potential of our software to meet the organizational and business requirements of the client successfully, on time and on budget. From the initial introduction meeting, to taking your system live and beyond, at Aireus we take our customer through a simple step by step and easy process. Our first priority is to listen and to learn all about about your operation and your business challenges. We want to understand your unique circumstances and help put together a solution that can improve your bottom line, increase efficiency and help build customer satisfaction. Whether your challenges are food and labour costs, kitchen operations and or marketing, we take you through our products and help identify the necessary tools that can automate, report and ultimately improve your business. Once we complete our survey and demonstrate the solution, we discuss configurations, answer all your questions and discuss pricing and payment options. Everything is covered and talked about and sent to you in a detailed line item proposal. After the proposal is signed our project management team takes control of the implementation and training phase ensuring dates, milestones and all of the metrics discussed in the sales process are met. Bottom line, our goal is to give our customers the best end-to-end experience possible and to become a satisfaction leader in the technology industry. That’s what Strategy is all about. So the better we are at building a culture of accountability, listening and responding to customers, improving product quality and security through continuous innovation, the more we will satisfy our customers and the closer we come to our ultimate goal.

iPad POS is becoming increasingly more important to restaurants as entrepreneurs try and find ways to improve servicing the guest and edging out the competition. Todays restaurateurs are looking towards restaurant iPad POS that will be available to them via an anytime, anyplace, anywhere philosophy while having access to the same features as a traditional POS system. They want to gain mobile advantages of visual ordering, speedier service and more intuitive methods of serving guests. Imagine having the flexibility to either walk to the table with the iPad POS app or mount the iPad POS hardware on an iPad stand or wall, for mixed use all this while being affordable. Aireus offers restauranteurs a new and refreshing direction with innovative restaurant POS features. Our designers and engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each feature is easy to use, so that you experience the best performance possible. We bring order to hospitality complexity, and offer the user so much more than a normal iPad POS ordering experience. Aireus is the best way to collaborate with your customer, deliver and display presentations, and access, create and share information and allows servers and staff to display information and truly interact with guests. Aireus automates all pricing, including support for discounts, service charges, split checks and much more. No other iPad POS app makes restaurant POS this easy. Owners and managers can truly operate with the knowledge that an iPad POS restaurant system can be an amazing addition to their operation.Stop investing in old and out dated IT investments and traditional maintenance services sand move to the next generation in POS while automatically improving guest service by speeding up transactions and reducing server errors (and hence, of employees) it takes to complete transactions either by line busting or taking orders table side.Organic benefits include up-selling and customer and staff education as well as guest tracking and business trends that support a more tightly focused marketing approach to your operation. All this while saving Up to 60% percent on costs while adding hundreds of new and innovative features.



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The most Advanced iPad System