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Flexible Menu Ordering allows you to manage portions and create-your-own pizzas and sandwiches accurately and effortlessly. Whether you offer delivery, carryout, table service, bar or a combination. Designed for pizzerias, the Pizza module is ideal for any restaurant requiring the complex ordering requirement of toppings and slices for delivery, carryout and table service. Wether your a single location or part of a multi-brand franchise or concept aireus now offers a newly designed module for pizzerias. From the ground up the pizza module can easily handle all of the of the complexities required by pizza restaurants. From ordering whole, 1/2 and 1/4s to complex topping choices. You can expect to price all these variations correctly when the customer wants extra cheese on half, hold the red onions on the other half and add double pepperoni overall – Crust, Sauce and Cheese type can be selected as well.

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Pizza Ordering iPad Pizza POS

Whether you offer delivery, carryout, table service, bar or a combination. Designed for pizzerias,the Pizza module is ideal for any restaurant. 

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Easily handle all of the of the complexities required by pizza restaurants. From ordering whole, 1/2 and 1/4s to complex topping.

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The POS Pizza module is ideal for any type of restaurant requiring the complex ordering requirement of Pizza toppings and slices.

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Everybody likes good value and to be rewarded for giving you regular business. aireus loyalty solution delivers flexible, customizable, reward and bonus programs. Our powerful cloud-based iPad POS system is designed to stimulate repeat business with powerful reward programs. These are easy to manage and customers can check balances and reward levels online. Reward your repeat customers for doing business with you. Flexible, practical and simple to use with no transaction fees. The solution has many benefits, including the ability to attract more customers, increase sales with repeated visits, build customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. Its functions allow restaurateurs to build a relationship with their customers and enhance the value of their dining experience.Moreover, restaurants will benefit as they now have the ability to identify the customer in several ways: via alpha numeric and or magnetic swipe card  or bar codes. The customer can be identified at any time during the transaction and added to there check ant anytime.

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Aireus delivery provides you with exceptional tools to accommodate customers by bringing meals to them and/or by recognizing them for their continued patronage. You’ll be able to manage your customer base as it grows, and increase customer loyalty by offering value-added specials for their business. All delivery based features are also seamlessly integrated within the aireus core POS for managing table service or carry-out business including web ordering that directly  interfaces to the core POS system. aireus maintains a complete cloud central database of statistical customer information (first order, last order, number of order to date, grand total to date…) so you can recall the last 3 orders from your iPad and use the one-step recall-last order feature that saves time when ordering. Extensive customer database functionalities allow you to keep as much or as little information on your clients as you wish including any special instructions or comments. Delivery instructions are also stored, and printed on all kitchen chits. aireus delivers on all fronts.

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You can create and manage guest payment and loyalty card programs while allowing your guests a single card to participate in any of your loyalty and stored value/payment programs. Are you thinking of a gift or loyalty card program? that is also part of a customer relationship management suite. As part of our customer relationship module we provide an easy way to set up and manage gift cards, delivery, online-ordering and point-based loyalty programs with complete reporting through the cloud portal.The Aireus suite of CRM modules delivers a total view of your customer’s activities. All activities are tracked and controlled from a central database allowing you to recognize your core customers (most frequent and highest spending), as well as methods to attract and measure the development of new customers or less frequent customers, bringing them into your core customer base. Wether your a single restaurant or multi-unit enterprise, you can create and manage guest payment and loyalty card programs while allowing your guests a single card for ease of use.

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Online Ordering

The best online ordering experiences are the easiest ones. With the fewest clicks possible, your customers can get exactly where they want to go–eating food from you. That’s why the aireus online ordering system module is engineered to maximize usability—asking only the questions that need to be asked, and in exactly the order the customer would expect them to be asked. Our real-time integration with the aireus core POS solution means nothing for you to manage. Orders will appear on your POS system and your kitchen line just like when you take them live in the restaurant. All your customer needs to do is to visit your company website. There, the customer selects the desired food from your menu and stores them in a virtual shopping basket. Sent orders will be instantly appear at the store on the iPad Kitchen Display monitor. Attract new customers and keep existing customers by offering online ordering. Even devoted customers can be attracted to a competitor who offers online ordering if you don’t. They like the service and they will go to whoever offers it. Your staff will spend less time answering phone calls and more time serving customers in your restaurant to provide optimal service. The average phone order takes about 2 to 3 minutes, longer for the customers full of questions. Online orders are clear,

Just think about all the Reduction of order errors as customer miscommunication can cause quite an expensive headache when it requires the food item to be remade AND redelivered in a hurry. Online orders require the customer confirm what they ordered prior to submitting the order. There is also the simple fact that customers tend to place larger orders online because they have time to browse your menu with no pressure. Don’t worry about order notifications, they are standard with Aireus, orders are real-time and sent to the kitchen printer and or iPad KDS system immediately. We understand that Restaurants are too busy to check their email inbox or to keep a watch out for an incoming fax so at Aireus an online order is treated just as if the order was placed in the restaurant and we don’t stop there, we also have an automated message system that keeps your both the customer and store manager informed of the order. You will NEVER MISS AN ORDER. With Aireus online ordering, nothing changes at the restaurant the except that you spend less time on the phone and receive larger orders.

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Customize the look of your site to match your store’s colour and brand. Our service includes a tailored designed online order website with all standard pages and components, from button colours, to toolbars and adding your own logo, the aireus online ordering module is easy to setup so you can configure your photos modifiers like sides and toppings. If you require a more elaborate site we can create work with you to create a fully customized website.

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Aireus allows your customers to make a payment using PayPal’s pre-integrated payment gateways. Payments are sent directly to your processor and then deposited into your funds automatically. You can even setup multiple payment options for shoppers like Cash, Credit Card, and House Account to give your customers confidence and ensure you never lose a sale or have them pay at the door or at the restaurant. Grow your business with Online ordering.

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Aireus was designed to be fully-functional across all major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. aireus takes the security of your menu and data very seriously. Password protection, advanced encryption technology, 256-bit Secure Socket Layers, firewalls, heavily guarded servers and intrusion-detection devices all work together to prevent unauthorized access to your online store.


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